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May 11

Toronto Twitter foursome takes City Council

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Mar 11

“The future does not fit in the containers of the past.”

Please excuse the earnest title. I’ve spent the last little while trying to be as ernest as I thought was expected and it brought few rewards.

I will be adding posts to this blog again along with working on a couple other projects. Stay tuned.

Aug 10

Transfer Stn.

Spending more time on my posterous. Please join me there. I’ll be posting here occasionally but really enjoying the posterousizing right now.

(Just as I wrote this post Posterous is in the middle of a DoS attack. Gulp.)

Jul 10

Gay youth segregated from non-homophobic Gen Pop into small “dog pens”

“[The officers said:] ‘Oh you’re part of the gay community? Well, the people in here don’t take to kindly to your type so I recommend you act straight during your visit here and once you leave you can act the way you choose. Actually I’m going to put you and your boyfriend in a segregated room.’ It was a little stall, it looked like a dog pen. There was a whole line of just gay people in these one person things. The entire group [of detainees] was NOT homophobic whatsoever. The only homophobic people in that building were the police. Everyone else was so peaceful, loving and kind.”

Jun 10

Toronto Police Retweet

Hours before being kettled blocks from my home Toronto Police retweet my jab at Stephen Harper. TPS tweeter and I were chummy on the networking site as I’d met Constable Scott Mills (the TPS tweeter) a year before when I met with him to explain the idea behind the #PrideTO hashtag. Though, since being kettled and called a criminal by Chief Blair (who I really admired before all this), I’ve had to unfollowed them. Seems fair.

May 10

Inside the Secret Vaults of the Toronto District School Board

“While the monetary value of this violin is small, the educational value is great, the violin was donated to the Board after its owner, a high school student committed suicide. The suicide was in part precipitated with bullying, that can be seen on the back side of the violin, scratched in it reads \”NAME WITHHELD is a fag.\”

From “Inside the secret vaults of the TDSB!

May 10

Don’t Get Caught In A Bad Hotel!

As one participant put it, “it’s more fun to protest with the gays, cause we’ve got the attitude and we know how to dance.”

I want to move to San Francisco. I visited many years ago after traveling through the US on a ‘drive away’. I wasn’t out yet, though it’s doubtful my companions, two lesbians and a gay man, were buying my straight act.
By the number of posts on this Facebook Group’s wall it seems like I’m not the only who’s taken to it.

Apr 10

CBC’s Power and Politics on Harvey “No Homo” Milk

UPDATE: To commemorate the First Annual Harvey Milk Day, I tweet this clip to both @CBCPolitics and @MPJamesMoore. No response from CBC, but here’s what Minister James Moore had to say.

@MPJamesMoore: @UnionSt Um… Anyway..


“CBC News has contorted itself in order to appear more populist, mainstream and appealing to everyone. It has been terrorized into avoiding any appearance of political bias.” John Doyle (The Globe and Mail), April 28, 2010:

Back in January 2010 Conservative Minister James Moore appeared on CBC Power + Politics to discuss his top political films of the decade. His first choice: Milk. Yes, the Oscar-winning film Milk. Yes, a Minister from the Conservative Party of Canada Minister choose a film about a … well I’m not sure exactly.

Here’s how Moore describes the film in the clip: “the story of Harvey Milk and what he confronted running for comptroller down in the city of San Francisco. He’s a man who, as the trailer said, a man who inspired controversy but also inspired a whole group of people to stand up for civil rights in a way that had never been done before in the city of San Francisco.”

They way he uses “San Francisco” I’m reminded of Woody Allen’s quip about the rest of America looking at New Yorkers like they’re “left-wing, communist, Jewish, homosexual pornographers.” Though, from what I know about San Francisco, Moore could be saying Harvey Milk is a “hippie, liberal, tree-hugging fan of handlebar mustaches.”

Talking about Harvey Milk and the film Milk without mentioning his homosexuality is quite an accomplishment really. It’s like talking about JAWS and instead of saying “shark” you point at your teeth and, wide-eyed, gyrate in the direction of the nearest large body of water.

So he avoids it. But that’s a Conservative Minister for you – always thinking about their base. Have you meet their base? *makes twirling circle around temple and, wide-eyed, gyrates in the direction of the nearest knuckle-dragger.* He knows he can’t be quoted saying anything particularly kind about “gays” or “homosexuals” so he leaves it at “San Franciscan”.

It’s lame, but much worse is that the host of the show, Evan Solomon, not only lets him get away with it, but avoids saying it too. He plays Moore’s game, and given that the film is about the process of an invisible minority asserting itself and finding political and personal liberation by “coming out” and proudly identifying themselves as faggots/queers/cocksuckers/gays/homos, without fear or shame, in the streets, to their families and to themselves — their omission is offensive. Watch the film again, fellas.

They end their Milk discussion with a mention of Sean Penn’s role as Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High as though this discussion is happening at a kegger. I can’t see the floor of the studio but I imagine it’s covered in peanut shells at this point.

Also odd that Solomon didn’t call Moore out about his party’s long record of homophobia, especially after his remark about Anita Bryant being a “venomous bigot.” I realize Gus Van Sant hasn’t made a film about it, or any filmmaker for that matter, but at one point during the same-sex marriage debate the Conservative party hosted rallies in a bid to stir up anti-gay sentiment and gain political power. I attended one where Minister Jim Flaherty gave a speech about the “slippery slope a gay marriage” to a crowd of thousands. So Moore might also want to re-watch the “List” film he mentioned.

Anyway, I like Evan Solomon and I want to like his show, but watching this new misshapen CBC is painful.